Ground Cover

Ground covers have typically been used in suburban landscapes as companion planting beneath shrubs and trees. Ground covers are a natural choice for these areas when elevated tree roots make mowing difficult and turfgrass almost impossible to grow. But WaterSmart groundcovers can also serve as a carefree alternative to turfgrass. Blooming varieties present a striking change from common St. Augustine or Burmudagrass. Groundcovers can also serve as a carefree alternative to turfgrass.

Fall can be the most beautiful season along the upper Texas Gulf Coast. With proper bed preparation, many native and adapted perennials bloom virtually year-round. Annuals, plants that complete their life cycle in only one season, are commonly sold as bedding plants. A little more maintenance can be required to keep annuals looking their best, although most native and adapted varieties will freely re-seed.

The WaterSmart “Five That Survive” ground cover choices are Katie‚Äôs Compact Ruellia, Gulf Coast Muhly, Palm Leaf Eupatorium and Blue Carex Sedge Grass.

Guld Coast Muhly

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